Question about GnuPG Shell 1.0

Csabi db111 at
Fri Sep 18 22:13:02 CEST 2009


I have Windows XP with GnuPG 1.4.9 installed.
I wanted to install GNUPG Shell 1.0 but when i clicked to "install" 
button, the installer told me the following:
GnuPG not installed on your system. Please, install it first.
I dont know the C programming language so i cant examine the source code 
to know how do it search the installed GnuPG on the system.
My GnuPG is installed in c:\program files\gnu\gnupg
I copyed it in to c:\program files\gnupg and tryed to install GnuPG Shell 
again, but the same error message appeared.

GPG Shell works fine but i would like to try the GnuPG Shell.

Do You have any idea to resolve the problem?

Sincerely, Csabi

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