How to used a smartcard who has already be used to backup my fisrt smartcard ?

tux.tsndcb at tux.tsndcb at
Wed Sep 23 21:28:40 CEST 2009


Sorry, I need help again.
I want to used an other smardcard to backup my first smartcard, but this other smartcard has already be used to generate keys so it isn't blank.

I've successfully imported the secretkey (encription key) of my first smartcard on it by used bkuptocard command, this is good and the fingerprint is good. 
On a second PC I want to imported the public key, so I've put the good url (on the backup smartcard) and done a fecth, I've on error at the begin, because it try to import the public key of the old smartcard key but finish to import the good public key of my first smartcard is well imported on the other PC in the keyring.

But when I done gpg2 --card-status I see nothing in general key info and sign counter is 0

But by gpa I can see than the three key's as always considerate store on the first card (it's the first smartcard serial number).  

What I've wrong or what's I've missing ? What is the good way ?

Thanks in advanced.

Best Regards

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