Time output format

Joke de Buhr joke at seiken.de
Tue Apr 27 22:50:14 CEST 2010

The format of the time stamp can be change according to your locale. Just 
specify an individual setting for LC_TIME.

On Tuesday, 27. April 2010 20:52:58 Jeff Sadowski wrote:
> when I run something like so
> "cat test.email |gpg"
> where test.email is an email that was signed I get output like so
> <--- begin
> The verified signed text
> ...
> gpg: Signature made <3 letter Day of Week> <Day of Month> <3 letter
> Month> <year> <time> <AM/PM> <time zone> using DSA key ID <DSA key ID>
> gpg: <Good|Bad?> signature from "<key sender>"
> Primary key fingerprint: <Key fingerprint>
> <--- end
> Is there an option to change the format of the time?
> While reading the manual I could not find it.
> I'd like it in a time stamp format so its easy to compare against current
> time. Or is there an option to validate that the text was signed within xx
> hours?
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