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Fri Apr 30 22:49:56 CEST 2010


About 2 months ago, I asked this list if there was a tool to add new 
recipients (technically public-key encrypted session key packets) to an 
encrypted message. As a reminder I need such a tool because I replaced 
my old ElGamal encryption key with a new RSA one that is stored on a 

Since no such tool seemed to exist, I decided to write my own, using as 
much as possible of the source code for GnuPG, and here it is.

Currently, is is very GnuPG-dependant, so I distribute is with a copy of 
GnuPG 2.0.15.

Anyone who is interested (even remotely) by such a tool is welcome to 
test it and make comments or suggestions.

I'd also like to gather opinions about the best way to maintain and 
distribute such a tool in the future. I'm not really willing to maintain 
for gpg-edit-recipients a copy of all the functions I need from GnuPG. 
There are the options I've seen:
 * maintain and distribute it within GnuPG, in an extra directory (that 
   would be my prefered choice, but as I understand it the GnuPG 
   maintainers might not want to bloat GnuPG)
 * maintain it separately from GnuPG, but require the source- and 
   build-directory of GnuPG to build (I think that would be quite 
   unconvenient for users or packagers)
 * accept to maintain my own copy of all the functions I need.

Those who are interested can grab gnupg-edit-recipients at


Nicolas Boullis
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