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Thats what I'm looking for...
but the shop is all in german, so does anyone knows if a trustable company? (I mean, there are so many
scams these days) But if it's ok I will be happy to buy one and give a

On 30 April 2010 16:02, Crypto Stick <cryptostick at> wrote:
> Recently the German Privacy Foundation released the open source Crypto
> Stick!
> The GPF Crypto Stick is a USB stick in a small form factor containing an
> integrated OpenPGP smart card to allow easy and high-secure encryption
> e.g. of e-mail or for authentication in network environments. As opposed
> to ordinary software solutions, private keys are always inside the
> Crypto Stick so that their exposure is impossible. All cryptographic
> operations (precisely: decryption and signature because of public key
> cryptography) are executed on the PIN-protected Crypto Stick. In case
> the Crypto Stick was stolen, got lost, or is used on a
> virus-contaminated computer (e.g. Trojan horse) no attacker is able to
> access the private keys so that all encrypted data stays secure.
> The Crypto Stick is developed as a non-profit open source project and
> ensures a very high level of security due to verifiability and an
> attractive price. The open interface of the used OpenPGP smart card
> allows optimal compatibility with various software applications (e.g.
> GnuPG, Mozilla Thunderbird + Enigmail, OpenSSH, Linux PAM, OpenVPN,
> Mozilla Firefox).
> You can find more information at:
> The Online Shop is currently in German only. Please mail me if you want
> to purchase a Crypto Stick and have trouble placing the order.
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