recieving/updating Public Keys from SKS keyserver to pubring.gpg

Prasanth Thandra prasanth_thandra at
Wed Aug 4 09:14:16 CEST 2010


i configured gnupg 2.0.15 on RHEL4 to encrytp e-mail messages. Then i installed SKS 1.1.1-2 on the same mechine. 
now i am able to generate keys #gpg --gen-keysand export/sent them to SKS     #gpg --keyserver hkp://localhost --send-key KEYIDand also recieve them through  #gpg --keyserver hkp://localhost --recv-key KEYID
and i configured each users e-mail client (EVOLUTION) using their KEYIDes. When a user receives an encrypted mail from his peer ... he is able to read the mail only after receiving the KEY of sender to his pubring.gpg . But the problem here is each user has to receive KEYs of all the other one after another....which i dont think is the correct way.
??????? is there any way of receiving all the Public-keys that are available with the local SKS keyserver ???????
if it is ??
how to update users pubring.gpg periodically or  when ever a new KEY is received by the KEYSERVER?
Please help me.. Thanking you
P K Thandra 

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