recieving/updating Public Keys from SKS keyserver to pubring.gpg

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> When a user
> receives an encrypted mail from his peer ... he is able
> to read the mail only after receiving the KEY of sender
> to his pubring.gpg .

Not quite right, but Faramir has already addressed this point.

> But the problem here is each user has to receive KEYs
> of all the other one after another....which i dont think
> is the correct way. ???????

It would be the usual way to download keys from the server as needed.

> is there any way of receiving
> all the Public-keys that are available with the local SKS
> keyserver ???????

If all the keys on your local server have a common string in the
user-id, this would be trivial. Let's assume the common string is
"@domain.example" and try issuing the command

gpg --keyserver hkp://localhost --recv-key @domain.example

Doesn't that fetch all keys on that server containing that string?

Or maybe "gpg --fetch-keys hkp://localhost" might do it?

> if it is ?? how to update users
> pubring.gpg periodically

Put the required commands in a batch file and schedule it to be run
periodically, perhaps?

> or  when ever a new KEY is
> received by the KEYSERVER? Please help me..

"--auto-key-locate [parameters]" could be used to fetch new keys as
needed, rather than as soon as posted to the server

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