Keypair is expiring.

Klaus Vink Slott klaus at
Fri Aug 6 16:07:31 CEST 2010

Thursday 5. August 2010 20:12:17 MFPA wrote:
> > Can I extend the life of the subkey or do I issue a new
> > sub-key.
> You can extend the life of a subkey (when editing your key, select the
> subkey then issue the "expire" command), but I've more often seen
> people suggest replacing it.
Thanks. I opted to extend the key life as I don't suspect that my key has been 

I think that in doing so the the gnupg program/handbook is not very good in 
explaining how to select  key. I find it quite confusing that if you start the 
program with --edit-key [subkey-id] and issue a expire command - then I am 
offered to extend the life of the primary key. This let me to the conclusion 
that is was not possible to extend the validity on a subkey. My fault and now 
every thing is great for the next 5 years ;-)

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