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On Monday 9 August 2010 at 7:30:40 AM, in
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> Actually, the number of encrypted messages that I
> originally posted was incorrect.  The real number is
> 641.  I replied to my original post and posted the
> correct numbers.

Yes, I received that message shortly after posting mine.

>> I have difficulty counting those because my email
>> program is poor at searching inside encrypted
>> messages. It finds six plaintext, and this only rises
>> to 13 if I tell it to also look inside encrypted
>> messages; I know this is a very long way short.

> 36 is correct.

I was not disputing...

> I took note of every NETMK (Not
> Encrypted To My Key) message, who was complaining, and
> who hadn't encrypted.

Actually analysed and noted it down at the time? That's keen.

>> How many of these 22 were within the first week or so?
>> I find very few messages not encrypted to mine.

> I agree with Hansen that this is seems almost like
> cherry picking,

My rationale was that I would expect the volume of messages not
encrypted to a particular key to be highest before folks had time to
notice it had been posted, and to then reduce to a more uniform level.
I just wondered if the figures would bear this out.

> but I will give it to you anyway. Six
> in the first week and four in the last week.

And a total of 12 spread over the fifteen weeks or so in between.
Which proves nothing, of course.

> But before you say, "Ah ha," know that four of the
> first week's messages were from a person that had
> successfully sent encrypted messages to me prior in
> that same week.

Yes, some people use more than one set-up for their encryption and
don't update everything at the same time. Which is one reason why the
incidence of missing a key from the encryption does not tail off as
much after a few days from it's introduction as might be expected.

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