Accessing the 2nd card reader

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Aug 11 12:34:55 CEST 2010

On Wed, 11 Aug 2010 09:47, richard at said:

> However, GnuPG only recognizes the 1st reader:

If you enter "scd help getinfo" you can see this in the scdameon log file:

: chan_10 <- # reader_list - Return a list of detected card readers.  Does
: chan_10 <- #               currently only work with the internal CCID driver.

Thus it does not work with pcscd.  To convince pcscd to use the second
reader you need to use the 

  reader-port "REINER SCT CyberJack pp_a"

or a bit more of the string shown by opensc-tool.  I am not sure how it
formats the reader description.  Scdaemon compares the reader-port
against the reader description as returned by pcsc_list_reader.

The problem with pcsc is that we need a wrapper on most system and this
wrapper does not return the list of readers.  We have plans to drop this
wrapper in 2.1.



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