gnupg for windows mobile 6.5 smartphone

bob smith timbernutz at
Wed Aug 11 18:18:48 CEST 2010

i have recently bought a samsung omnia 2 smartphone with windows
mobile 6.5 as the OS.
i have been searching for 3 days to find a way to encrypt text in any
way with gnupg
the only link to any software i found was for "PocketConsole - a
Windows NT-like console for the Pocket PC "
but the link ( is dead

are there any gunpg applications available or even in development for
windows moblie?

i have an old pgp for mobile 1.6 that worked with pgp 7.03 but after
dusting it off
it does not work with new keys. ( or something else is wrong that i
cant figure out)
the new pgp mobile appears to use a client server system and i just
want a simple app
that can encrypt and decrypt my email even if i have to cut and paste
everything to do it.

thanks for any help..

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