Accessing the 2nd card reader

Richard richard at
Thu Aug 12 12:31:14 CEST 2010

Well I stumbled upon another problem.

I actually wanted to use one of my card readers with GnuPG/scdaemon
exclusively, and the other one with OpenSC's PAM-PKCS#11 module.

As already mentioned, both of my readers are accessible via PC/SC.

Having set

reader-port "REINER SCT CyberJack pp_a (8928928328) 00 00"

in my ~/.gnupg/scdaemon.conf, I thought the other reader could now be
used smoothly with PAM-PKCS#11. However, pcscd tells me
"SCardConnect() Error Reader Exclusive". I'll have to figure out which
the two readers it is trying to access here (although I have set the
reader slot to use to the 1st reader, which should not be opened
exclusively by scdaemon).

I just wanted ask whether scdaemon always blocks _all_ PC/SC readers,
even when told to use one specific reader only?

If it doesn't, then this is probably a PAM-PKCS#11-related problem and
I will have to contact the OpenSC people for support.



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