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I am new to using GPG. I have consulted the manuals and help online, but I
am not sure it addresses my concern. I am trying to use this on Mac OSX Snow
Leopard (so using MacGPG is apparently out of the question).

Here is the situation:

On Machine A (that I no longer have), I created a GPG key with email address
A. Before I got rid of the machine, I backed up everything to disk (so I
have the .gnupg folder and when I try using the keys within with certain
scripts (using pathnames), the key works (it authenticates me to my Amazon
S3 backup).

On Machine B (that I am currently using), I created another GPG key with a
different email address (B). I am using that key to make encrypted duplicity
backups to a local Linux server (which is different from Amazon S3 - I am a
fan of redundant, geographically diverse backups). This key appears in the
output of gpg --list-keys (while the other one, for obvious reasons, does

I want to merge the two keys in some way so that I get both keys listed.
Importing a public key appears to be standard procedure. But what I need is
access to the secret key for both keys so that I can make both the Amazon S3
and local Linux server backups without being forced to pass paths to certain


1. Is my question even well-posed ?
2. Is this kind of thing even possible ?
3. How do I do it ?

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