Strange behaviour of gpg when importing key from keyserver

David Shaw dshaw at
Thu Aug 26 00:04:58 CEST 2010

>      I'm using GnuPG 1.4.10b in a Windows XP machine, in Spanish
> language. I don't know exactly the command used, since I use GPGShell
> GUI, but I already contacted the author of GPGShell, and he told me
> cmd-windows are GPG itself, so it is not a problem with GPGShell.
>      Now, the problem: I search keys by an email address, and gpg shows
> me the different matches found, and ask me to enter the number of the
> match I want to import, or O for other, or F to finish. But if I enter O
> or F, it just repeats the question, it doesn't finish the process. I
> tried different characters based on English words I thought may have
> been used in English version of GPG, and found 'Q' (for Quit) is the
> right answer to finish the process and exit, but I don't know the
> equivalent for 'other', nor what is it supposed to do.

In English, it is "N" for "next".  If there are many results from the keyserver, N is used to go to the next page of responses.  The maximum number of results on a page varies depending on the window size, but it will never be smaller than 24.


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