multiple subkeys and key transition

John Clizbe John at
Thu Dec 9 23:32:31 CET 2010

Ben McGinnes wrote:
> On 10/12/10 8:33 AM, John Clizbe wrote:
>> Ben McGinnes wrote:
>>> On 10/12/10 6:17 AM, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>>>> On 12/9/10 1:30 PM, Ben McGinnes wrote:
>>>>> Is it possible that this current transition push is partially aimed
>>>>> at reigniting the WG's discussion by creating a new de-facto
>>>>> standard?
>>>> Dunno, ask the WG.
>>> As soon as I find them ...
>> mailto://
> Thanks.  I think I'll lurk for a bit before I start causing trouble,
> though.  ;)

You should also be able to download the complete archives of the list in mbox
format for review. If not, write to me off-list and I'll see what I can do :)

Traffic is a bit bursty and the list can be quiet for long periods at a time.

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