[OT] broken threading via gmane

David Tomaschik david at systemoverlord.com
Sun Dec 12 23:59:03 CET 2010

My guess is that it has something to do with the fact that this list
(bizarrely, IMO) uses reply to sender by default rather than reply to list.
Some MUAs may mangle the Message ID in such a case (when the list email is
manually specified).

Just a guess.


2010/12/12 Łukasz Stelmach <lukasz.stelmach at iem.pw.edu.pl>

> Hello.
> I've noticed that Gmane's doing something evil to message-ids in this
> group. I read several other groups via Gmane and this is *the only* that
> has such broken threading.
> E.g.
> Hank Ivy started the "Protecting IDs at a keysigning party" thread with
> e message
>  <201012081420.14986.hankivy at hot.rr.com>
> which has been mangled at Gmane to
>  <201012081420.14986.hankivy__6874.93589143759$1291842486$gmane$
> org at hot.rr.com>
> David Shaw's reply refers to the original non-gmane ID. Even though my
> MUA (Gnus) puts David's message somewhere near Hank's (they share the
> subject) it can't put it completely right. BTW David's message-id is
> mangled to.
> I assume it's because of some strange settings specific to this
> particular group. Is there anyone who could, please, fix this?
> PS. I send this message via Gmane with an ID:
>  <874oaiocpp.fsf%lukasz.stelmach at iem.pw.edu.pl<874oaiocpp.fsf%25lukasz.stelmach at iem.pw.edu.pl>
> >
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> Miłego dnia,
> Łukasz Stelmach
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