'Tis the Season -- again.

Grant Olson kgo at grant-olson.net
Sat Dec 18 21:26:19 CET 2010

It's also a good time to take care of all those administrative tasks
that you've been lazy about.

I created an authentication subkey this year and never properly backed
it up.  Sure I could revoke it and create a new one, but getting the new
key onto a bunch of servers will be a pain.

Also put FDE on my laptop, but I was running Time Machine on an
unencrypted external drive.  So now I'm encrypting this 2 TB whopper.
Looks like I've got about 1 day, 3 hours, and 28 minutes to go.

So ask yourself if you have backups of your critical info.  If the
backups are up-to-date.  If the media is still good.  If it's
appropriately secured.  If you printed out a rev cert.  If you're still
using the same lame password on every website, even though you know deep
down you shouldn't be.  Etc...


"I am gravely disappointed. Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war."

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