How to use an "offline" primary key

M.B.Jr. marcio.barbado at
Mon Jan 4 17:17:04 CET 2010

Hi list,
I wish a great 2010 year for everybody!

On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 11:09 AM, Sven Radde <email at> wrote:
> Hello GnuPG-Users!
> With a new year comes a new keypair and this time I tried to use subkeys
> to separate my secret primary key from the "day-to-day"
> encryption/signing keys.

Concerning Sven's statement about his primary key's secrecy, and
something David Shaw explained to me a while ago, I ask you:

is it possible to have a totally secret digital signature primary key?
I mean, part of it will be inevitably public, won't it?


Marcio Barbado, Jr.

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