Web of Trust itself is the problem

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Januery 8th 2010 in gnupg-users at gnupg.org thread "Web of Trust itself
is the problem"

>However, most people lack the skills necessary to do anything about
>their privacy, and lack the inclination (time, energy, or even
>self-confidence) to do anything about their lack of skills.

Of course, no one borns knowing how to use GNU PG but the one with
true interest in privacity will learn, that is my point.

>>I think the WoT and in general the cryptography is not widely used
>>because few people really care about their privacity.

>IMHO, there's another problem, an entry barrier to the WoT. The
>practice of key exchange is widespread in very close circles of
>geeks, Linux developers and, to a certain degree, scientists. For
>someone who does not belong to these categories and does not attend
>any conferences, the web of trust is hardly reachable. Unfortunately,
>I know no solutions besides commercial CAs.

Well, you really don't *need* to be within WoT to use crypto, the
confidence level will be less but for most people it is enougth.

>Sites such as http://biglumber.com/x/web can help with this.  My
>perception of it is that it does not exclude non-geeky people.

Did you count the citys in the list, they are just 11 of thoustands
and thoustands around the world; it helps of course, but very little.
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