Web of Trust itself is the problem

Dmitri Minaev minaev at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 17:58:09 CET 2010

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 8:21 PM, Mario Castelán Castro
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>>IMHO, there's another problem, an entry barrier to the WoT. The
>>practice of key exchange is widespread in very close circles of
>>geeks, Linux developers and, to a certain degree, scientists. For
>>someone who does not belong to these categories and does not attend
>>any conferences, the web of trust is hardly reachable. Unfortunately,
>>I know no solutions besides commercial CAs.
> Well, you really don't *need* to be within WoT to use crypto, the
> confidence level will be less but for most people it is enougth.

Actually, you don't really *need* to use crypto in email, the
confidence level will be less, but to most people it is enough :)

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