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Hi Chris

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> Matthew Krotzer wrote:
>> What is the best way to let people know you use gpg in an email signature?

> I usually just sign my messages and figure that's sufficient advertising. I'm
> sure that only a very small minority of my recipients bothers to validate the
> disgnature, so advertising is actually one of the main values in routine
> signing. (I know that's not exactly what you asked, but would it work for you?)

I suspect most of the recipients don't even notice. It's a much more
visible advert if you sign inline rather than PGP/MIME.

> The only problem I have run into with this is the occasional client that
> doesn't display the message body because, being a separate mime part, it
> thinks it's an attachment, and so the recipient thinks there is not text in
> the message.

> These seem to be fairly rare these days though - or maybe I just don't know
> many people who use clients like this.

Outlook Express has that limitation (unless it was fixed in a late

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