distributing ones public key (email)

Chris De Young chd at chud.net
Fri Jan 22 18:27:39 CET 2010

Mark H. Wood wrote:
> Oh, yes.  My tongue is nearly bitten through from suppressing the urge
> to respond, "what did you think an 'application/pgp-signature'
> attachment is?"  I too would like to find some way to get the word
> out about what it is and why my correspondent might find it desirable.

I think we just need to be as patient and helpful as possible, and when
someone complains that they can't open the attachment, this is a good time to
give a quick, friendly explanation and offer to help them get started using it
if they are interested.

Of course, many people are just not going to be interested, or are going to
think it's too much work or too cumbersome for what you get, and that's okay
too. They may change their mind down the road as their needs or interests
change, so a friendly introduction still has value.


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