Problem encrypting to a hushmail gpg key

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Fri Jan 29 17:36:09 CET 2010

On 29/01/2010 16:31, Sean Rima wrote:
{think I sent my last wrong}
>>> it is not a great idea to use hushmail keys for open pgp encryption 
>>> or authentication
>>> (1) the keys are not updated, and can't be for the same email 
>>> address,
>>> so, for example, i've been with hushmail since it started, and my 
>>> key is a 1024 bit key and signs with SHA-1
>>> (to be fair, i imagine that whenever this becomes a 'real' threat, 
>>> hushmail will allow for modifications/new keys)
>>> (2) the hushmail user probably will not be able to decrypt a gnupg 
>>> encrypted message in hushmail if the encryption algorithm chosen 
>>> isn't currently being used by hushmail, which, depending on how old 
>>> the key is, may not be the encryption algorithm listed on the key,
>>> and if the hushmail user uses gnupg (preferable ;-) ), then he/she 
>>> would be better off generating a new key in gnupg, and just leave 
>>> the hushmail key for hushmail users
>> I will pass this info on, though how far we get is debatable :) Thanks
>> for the info
Ok, on this, I unstalled gpg 2.0.10 and installed 1.4.10b and I can
import and encrypt to Hushmail keys. Does this mean that gpg 2.0.10 is
broken or is it correctly handling the key where 1.4.10b is not

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