plausibly deniable

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>> [2] hiding the identity of the signer:
>> (a) generate a new keypair and give it to a person you
>> want to have  'plausible deniability' with
>> (b) a signed
>> message shown to anyone else, only means that 'one' of
>> you signed it.
>If you received a message signed with 0x413b9aa558ffe07d, which
>individual would you suppose had signed it?
>(That key is on the servers.)

For this type of shared key, the key would be made with both 
individuals names:

i.e.  SmithJones at JonesSmith.test
(Comment: this keypair is in possession of both Smith and Jones)

so, if you saw a signed message with this key, you would think it 
would be signed by either Smith or Jones


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