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Perry, James J. jjperry at
Wed Jul 28 17:35:51 CEST 2010

I don't know about Qt libraries but I found that just running the GTK
code fragment checked it fairly easily:

/* Simple check for X display with GTK+ */
include <gtk/gtk.h>

void main (int argc, char **argv){

gboolean return_code;

/* Checks is X Server responds to initialization 
   Returns true on success, false on failure */
return_code = gtk_init_check(&argc, &argv);

printf("Return Code: %d\n", return_code);


Since I do not code much C anymore, it seemed way too easy of a check
but worked very well.  When I had my DISPLAY set but local X-Server not
running, it returned false but when I ran it with the X-Server running
it correctly displayed true.  It does the same functions as gtk_init but
returns a status code.  

Could this be what is needed here to check to see if curses is called
when the DISPLAY is set but there is no X-Server or permissions are

>> trying to figure out what happened.  If the interface is being
>> in this manner than it would seem that simple code to check for a
>> responding X-server or if the X-server connection is denied, it would
>> fall back to curses style windows.
>That is a good suggestion.  We currently only look on the presence of
>the DISPLAY envvar but don't do any test:
>  /* Simple test to check whether DISPLAY is set or the option
>     was given.  Used to decide whether the GUI or curses should be
>     initialized.  */
>  int
>  pinentry_have_display (int argc, char **argv)
>  {
>  #ifndef HAVE_W32CE_SYSTEM
>    const char *s;
>    s = getenv ("DISPLAY");
>    if (s && *s)
>      return 1;
>  #endif
>    for (; argc; argc--, argv++)
>      if (!strcmp (*argv, "--display"))
>        return 1;
>    return 0;
>  }
>If someone can come up with a simple test to check the presence of an X
>server, it should be easy to include it.  Note that we don't use Xlib
>directly but GTk+ or Qt.  I don't know whether gtk_init returns an
>and we would be able fallback to the curses implementation then.
>care to test this? (pinentry/gtk+-2/pinentry-gtk-2.c)/
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