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Wed Jun 9 10:40:13 CEST 2010

Am Mittwoch 09 Juni 2010 04:04:54 schrieb Lucélio Gomes de Freitas:
> Hello,
> Please, anybody helps?   I can't find where I'm making a mistake.
> Operating System: Fedora
> Command:
> [Lucelio at MAQ02 work]$ gpg --list-keys Lucelio
> pub   3072D/77C103F7 2010-06-06
> uid                  Lucélio Gomes de Freitas (Par de Chaves definitivas
> em 06/06/2010) <aa.lucelio at>
> pub   1024D/01150CE3 2010-06-07
> uid                  Lucélio (Teste de Chaves) <aa.lucelio at>
> [Lucelio at MAQ02 work]$ gpg -e -r lucelio ./abcdef
> gpg: lucelio: ignorado: Unusable public key
> gpg: ./abcdef: encryption failed: Unusable public key
> Why?

--list-keys doesn't tell you the key capabilities.

start cmd:> LC_ALL=C gpg --edit-key eccb5814
pub  1024D/0xECCB5814  created: 2005-09-05  expires: never       usage: SCA
                       trust: unknown       validity: full
sub  2048g/0xE623EF88  created: 2005-09-05  expired: 2010-04-03  usage: E
sub  2048R/0x51B279FA  created: 2010-03-04  expires: 2013-03-03  usage: E
sub  2048R/0x3A403251  created: 2010-03-04  expires: 2013-03-03  usage: S
sub  2048R/0x2282921E  created: 2010-03-08  expires: 2013-03-07  usage: A

Does the main key have E (encryption)? If not then you need create an 
encryption subkey (--edit-key → addkey).


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