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Jean-David Beyer jeandavid8 at verizon.net
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Sonja Michelle Lina Thomas wrote:
>> my e-mailer honored it automatically (perhaps it does). Because some
>> lists to which I subscribe automatically reply to the lists, and some
>> automatically reply to the original sender, and I cannot remember which
>> is which. I know asking any particular list to change is not worth the
>> trouble; each list has its own policy and unwilling to change. I try to
>> remember which is which. It is sometimes suggested to hit Reply-All, but
>> this results in the original poster's getting two replies. I
> To handle this issue I added the "reply to list" button to Thunderbird.
> Whenever I deal with a list, I hit that button. I added it through the
> right click > customize menu and drug the button to my toolbar.
I see no way to do that. I have a Reply button and a Reply All button 
and no others. There is no such button on that screen that allows 
diddling buttons. Thunderbird, which is the latest for Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux 5.

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