Gnupg-users Digest, Vol 81, Issue 19

C. Andrews Lavarre alavarre at
Wed Jun 16 04:06:42 CEST 2010

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Ben hello:

>On 14 Jun 2010, at 08:18, Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:

>> >> Did alavarre at ever get removed?
> > I can see no evidence that this address is abusing this ML.
> It was also forwarding to the MP Customer ticket system but now seems
> resolved.


Please tell me more. When was this? I'd like not to be doing so and did
not do so intentionally.

I suspected that I had a rootkit a couple of months ago, but reformatted
the disk and reinstalled (OpenSUSE 11.2), use guarddog and rkhunter
assiduously, with no indications of a problem.

Haven't studied MUA reply protocols:

But shall do so now, to ensure I am not offending you or others. But at
present I see no reply-to addresses in my headers.

If I am doing so it is certainly unintentional, as I have only replied
here once before, and that by accident, which may have triggered
werner's comment. It was late and I was intending to reply to gnucash,
not gnupg...

So this is only my second knowingly posted transmission to the group, so
if you are getting others then something is decidedly wrong.

Please instruct me.

Best regards, Andy Lavarre
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