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On 18/06/2010 14:24, David Smith wrote:
> Jean-David Beyer wrote:
>> David Smith wrote:
>>> Mailing lists programs normally send mails with the "Precedence: bulk"
>>> or "Precedence: junk" header, and then the autoresponder should
>>> recognise this and choose not to respond to mails with the "bulk" or
>>> "junk" precedence header.  It is up to the autoresponder to act correctly.
>> Well, the stuff I get from the Gnupg-users at list has
>> "precedence: list" set. Other lists to which I subscribe use "Precedence
>>  normal" or "precedence: bulk". Regular e-mail does not have precedence
>> set at all. It seems to me that mailing lists should get their acts
>> together.
> OK, Maybe "Precedence: list" is also a valid implementation; I haven't
> looked in detail at the RFQs, etc. - I was just typing from memory.  The
> basic method of operation is the same, though - the MLM marks the
> message as a mailing list message using the "Precedence" header, and the
> autoresponder interprets this header when deciding whether to respond.

Many years ago I used to maintain the Linux vacation and one of the
checks it did was to check for the existence of the Precedence header.
We also started to add support for Mailman listheaders.

Any decently written OOF/vacation should be able to ignore most mailing

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