Continued PKA problems on Windows

reynt0 reynt0 at
Thu Mar 4 20:59:03 CET 2010

On Wed, 3 Mar 2010, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
  . . .
> system.  For that matter, I'm writing this from a true-blue,
> certified UNIX: OS X.  I think it's quite real, despite the
> fact major parts of the desktop are closed-source.

And despite, sadly, that the EULA for OS10.4+ (like WinXP+,
IIUC) requires the user to agree to allow the OS proprietor
and friends to access the computer, and pull any info, and
maybe alter the contents of the computer, unlike the GNU/Linuxes
and AFAIK other usual *nixes.  Which MCC may have had in mind
though not stating it explicitly, and is worth keeping in mind
when the context is privacy and security as crypto presumably
is.  (Not looking to get into any browser wars, just thinking
of a security issue always worth having in mind.)

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