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Hello MFPA,

I will summarize the "rights" and restrictions that I believe you say
that an OpenPGP user has with another's public key.  I will call this
the rules of "Key Rights Management" or KRM for short.

Rights of the Key Originator
* Can restrict the uploading of the key to a public venue, especially
public keyservers.
* Can restrict how and where a key is uploaded, if uploading is permitted.
* Can restrict the sharing of the key with someone other than the
* Can control the Original Signature Content of the key. [1]

Privileges of the Key Holder
* Free to use the key when communicating with the originator.
* May keep multiple copies of the key so long as the key holder takes
steps to protect the key from unauthorized copying and distribution.
* None more.  You should be glad the originator was lenient enough to
allow you to have the first two.

[1] Original Signature Content is the signatures that are attached, at
the will of the originator, to the key.  By default no one may add
signatures to this Original Signature Content without the owner's


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