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Mon Mar 8 06:07:34 CET 2010

I have a patch for fixing the 'forget' option.  I hope this is of some help.

It would be nice to have a more complete tool for administering passphrases,
or a simpler interface to pinentry :)


Daniel Eggleston-2 wrote:
> I'm looking for some help explaining the behavior of
> gpg-preset-passphrase.
> First, the manpage states:
>        Passphrases set with this utility  don't  expire  unless  the
> --forget
>        option is used to explicitly clear them from the cache --- or
> gpg-agent
>        is either restarted or reloaded (by sending a SIGHUP  to  it).   It
> is
> But it looks like gpg-preset-passphrase cached passphrases are still
> subject
> to the --max-cache-ttl option in gpg-agent ... this behavior is hardly
> "Don't expire". Is there a way to change this behavior?
> Second, the manpage also states:
>        --forget
>               Flush the passphrase for the given cache ID from the cache.
> The implication (to me) is that if I cache a passphrase with
> gpg-preset-passphrase, then run gpg-preset-passphrase with the same key
> fingerprint and the --forget option, that gpg-agent will no longer cache
> that entry.  When this didn't pan out, I thought maybe the forget command
> simply makes the cached passphrase obey the --default-cache-ttl option,
> but
> no dice.
> So, basically the --preset command is subject to --max-cache-ttl (although
> the documentation implies otherwise), and the --forget command doesn't
> appear to change anything at all.  Am I doing it wrong?
> Any help is appreciated,
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>           Daniel
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