updprefs command and changing key

John Clizbe JPClizbe at tx.rr.com
Sat Mar 13 05:36:02 CET 2010

Faramir wrote:
>   Just a question, and I don't have any intention about doing it, but,
> is there a way to disable the usage of 3DES in GnuPG, when encrypting?

Sure, the source is available -- the result just won't be a valid OpenPGP
implementation any longer.

Now for my "Just a Question": Why on earth would you want to?

To quote a friend of mine discussing 3DES:
> It's perfectly safe.  In fact, 3DES is probably the most trustworthy
> algorithm on this list.  A few years ago when Schneier was asked for his
> pick for "most trusted encryption algorithm," he said something like
> "3DES.  Nothing else even comes close."  Sure, use AES for new crypto
> software, but if you absolutely _must_ have the most overdesigned,
> overbuilt thing out there...
> It's been subjected to withering cryptanalysis for coming up on 30 years
> now.  It's one of the standard ciphers graduate students are exposed to
> in cryptography/cryptanalysis courses.  It has turned a generation of
> brilliant young graduate students into burned out alcoholic wrecks.  I
> have participated in bar crawls after getting beaten by 3DES.
> It is big, clumsy, ungainly and slow.  It has all the aesthetic values
> of the Soviet Realism school of art, and processes data about as fast as
> a snail coming off a three-day scopolamine trip.
> And it is still beating up every cryptanalyst out there and stealing
> their lunch money.

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