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Faramir faramir.cl at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 02:03:29 CET 2010

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John Clizbe escribió:
> Faramir wrote:
>>   Just a question, and I don't have any intention about doing it, but,
>> is there a way to disable the usage of 3DES in GnuPG, when encrypting?
> Sure, the source is available -- the result just won't be a valid OpenPGP
> implementation any longer.

  Ok, I was clear about that part.

> Now for my "Just a Question": Why on earth would you want to?

  I would not do that, but since the original question in this thread
was about having to change the prefs because they didn't show a
compatible algo (and AES256 was required), I thought _maybe_ the people
refusing to encrypt with 3DES had disabled it. But I suppose they
checked the key manually, and noticed AES256 was not listed.

  It was just curiosity. By the way, is it possible to disable some
other encryption algo, but without forcing GnuPG to use a chosen algo? I
mean... lets suppose I don't want to use AES, but I'm ok with twofish,
3DES, and Camellia (any of there would be good enough).

> To quote a friend of mine discussing 3DES:
>> It's perfectly safe.  In fact, 3DES is probably the most trustworthy
>> algorithm on this list.  A few years ago when Schneier was asked for his
>> pick for "most trusted encryption algorithm," he said something like
>> "3DES.  Nothing else even comes close."  Sure, use AES for new crypto
>> It is big, clumsy, ungainly and slow.  It has all the aesthetic values
>> of the Soviet Realism school of art, and processes data about as fast as
>> a snail coming off a three-day scopolamine trip.

  Yes, I still remember that post ;)

  Best Regards
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