Portable GnuPG? (Ideally with portable TB+Enigmail)

Aaron Berthold listen at story-games.at
Mon Mar 15 17:17:08 CET 2010

Hi everybody!

I've been using GnuPG for a while now (The 1.x branch in combination
with TB and Enigmail, to be precise.) and have been very happy with it,
happy enough that I keep trying to "convert" people, running little
informal workshops showing my friends and aquaintances the basics of
encryption and how to use it.

One barrier so far is that people sometimes are hesistant to install a
bunch of stuff just to check something out, especially when it's
something "weird", like crypto.

So I've been thinking that a portable version, complete with TV,
Enigmail and trustdb/pubring/secring files safed on a flash drive would
be useful, as I could just show people how it worked right on their own
pcs without much installation or configuration.

Sadly, I'm not skilled enough to do this myself and my online search has
only found something like http://portableapps.com/node/11402 , which
didn't work when I tried it. (Installed it using the instruction at the
link, Enigmail didn't find the portable gnupg version. -_-'')

So, have I missed anything that's already out there or am I out of luck?


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