AW: problem with german umlauts

Ben McGinnes ben at
Sun Nov 14 11:19:07 CET 2010

On 14/11/10 8:52 PM, Reinhard Irmer wrote:
> you wrote on So, 14.Nov.2010 (02:13:47):
>> You should be able to change the Thunderbird setting to UTF-8 and make 
>> it behave in View -> Character Encoding. 
> View utf-8: umlauts in body or utf-8-characters in body are OK,
> umlauts in headerpane are destroyed (shown as ? in black square)
> View iso-8859-1: umlauts in body are OK, utf-8-characters in body
> are destroyed (o¿o) = (o¿o), umlauts in headerpane are OK

Okay, what about the preferences for Thunderbird?  I'm assuming you're
using Windows for all these, in which case go to Tools -> Options ->
Display -> Formatting -> Advanced.  Character Encodings for both
outgoing (composition) and incoming mail are set here (I'm assuming
that your setting was only in the View -> Character encoding
section).  You'll want this to match everything else (although it
shouldn't matter if View -> Character Encoding resets itself to
ISO-8859-1 if the other two are set to UTF-8).


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