GPG on Windows 7?

Charly Avital shavital at
Wed Nov 17 17:15:06 CET 2010

Jerry wrote the following on 11/17/10 8:45 AM:
> PGP in-line is deprecated anyway.

Interesting. Can you please document? Thanks.

> Personally, it is a distraction when
> I have to strip that crap out of messages when replying.

I don't mind.
> Worse, it
> invalidates "sig-delimiters". I would call this a _welcome_ feature
> from Outlook.

Also interesting.
> In any case, Outlook 2007 is deprecated also. Comparing a
> nearly four year old version is counter productive. Update to the 2010
> version and see if your problems still exist.

I have no intention to update Outlook because I don't intend to use it
for practical purposes, but thanks for the advice.

> Windows 7 (32) or (64) bit? I have heard of problems with GPG not
> working correctly with the 64 bit system due to problems with the GPG
> libraries not being true 64 bit.

That's probably the cause.

>>> We use GPGee for encrypting files since we cannot use Outlook email
>>> encryption, so we need this to work in the Explorer for Windows 7
>>> too.
> Why?

This question should be answered by bo.berglund at


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