GPG on Windows 7?

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Wed Nov 17 18:26:55 CET 2010

On Wed, 17 Nov 2010 11:15:06 -0500
Charly Avital <shavital at> articulated:

> Jerry wrote the following on 11/17/10 8:45 AM:
> > PGP in-line is deprecated anyway.
> Interesting. Can you please document? Thanks.

A simple Google: "in-line PGP deprecated" will turn up numerous hits.
You also might want to see: Use PGP/MIME, aka RFC 3156

> > In any case, Outlook 2007 is deprecated also. Comparing a
> > nearly four year old version is counter productive. Update to the
> > 2010 version and see if your problems still exist.
> I have no intention to update Outlook because I don't intend to use it
> for practical purposes, but thanks for the advice.

If you have no practical use for it then why bother inquiring? You
either use it or you don't. There is no such thing as "slightly
pregnant". If you are going to use it, then use an updated version or
don't complain. If I were to use an antiquated version of GnuPG and
experienced problems, what do you think might be the first thing I
would be advised to do?

> This question should be answered by bo.berglund at

If you could not answer the question then why mention it in your
original post?

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