GPG on Windows 7?

Charly Avital shavital at
Wed Nov 17 19:43:34 CET 2010

Jerry wrote the following on 11/17/10 12:26 PM:

> A simple Google: "in-line PGP deprecated" will turn up numerous hits.
> You also might want to see: Use PGP/MIME, aka RFC 3156

May I refer you to rjh at's post on the matter?

>>> In any case, Outlook 2007 is deprecated also. Comparing a
>>> nearly four year old version is counter productive. Update to the
>>> 2010 version and see if your problems still exist.

Ditto, please see rjh at comments on this issue.

>> I have no intention to update Outlook because I don't intend to use it
>> for practical purposes, but thanks for the advice.
> If you have no practical use for it then why bother inquiring?

I didn't inquire. The inquire was initiated by bo.berglund at

> You
> either use it or you don't. There is no such thing as "slightly
> pregnant".

Thank you for this valuable insight.

> If you are going to use it, then use an updated version or
> don't complain.

I didn't complain. I merely informed bo.berglund at of how the
application was behaving.

> If I were to use an antiquated version of GnuPG and
> experienced problems, what do you think might be the first thing I
> would be advised to do?

GnuPG 2.0.14 is antiquated? I am sure the gpg4win people will be
interested to know.

>> This question should be answered by bo.berglund at
> If you could not answer the question then why mention it in your
> original post?

I did not mention the question in my post. The matter was reported by
bo.berglund at, and he is answering your question in a separate

Finally, I choose to answer appropriately and directly to Jerry
<gnupg.user at>.


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