GPG on Windows 7?

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Thu Nov 18 13:01:06 CET 2010

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>Avi wrote:
>> No. It has a program, GPGTray, that sits in the system
>> tray and can be used to access the interfaces, but it
>> is not integrated into windows explorer. You can find
>> its website at:
>> <>
>By default GPGshell is not integrated into the Windows Explorer
>context menu; the option is available but not for 64-bit systems.

Now I have tried to install from scratch on a Win7 X64 PC.
I used these:
- GnuPG 1.4.11 windows client binary
- GPGshell 3.76

I had to manually add the GnuPG install folder to my system path for
GPGshell to work.

After this I could import my keyrings and start using GPG on Win7.
Seems to work for file encryption even though it is a big drawback
that the Explorer shell integration is missing. Now I have every time
to navigate a long way in order to encrypt a file instead of doing it
directly from Windows Explorer.

Now another GPGshell problem:
GPGshell insists on showing all its dialogs in Swedish whereas I want
them to be in English. I tried to find a language configuration dialog
or something but failed.
Is this program really so stupid that it insists on using the language
of my keyboard layout as the dialog language??? I can't belive it, so
I ask if someone here could explain how I can change it?

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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