Gpg4Win 2.0.4 with GnuPG 1.4.11??

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Nov 19 18:29:48 CET 2010

On Fri, 19 Nov 2010 11:34, bo.berglund at said:

> But this is a *source* download, how do I get a binary to install in
> Windows7??

see doc/README.W32.  For your convience I yank it here:

How to build GnuPG from the source:

Until recently all official GnuPG versions have been build using the
Mingw32/CPD kit as available at .
However, for maintenance reasons we switched to Debian's mingw32 cross
compiler package and that is now the recommended way of building GnuPG
for W32 platforms.  It might be possible to build it nativly on a W32
platform but this is not supported.  Please don't file any bug reports
if it does not build with any other system than the recommended one.

According to the conditions of the GNU General Public License you
either got the source files with this package, a written offer to send
you the source on demand or the source is available at the same site
you downloaded the binary package.  If you downloaded the package from
the official GnuPG site or one of its mirrors, the corresponding
source tarball is available in the sibling directory named gnupg.  The
source used to build all versions is always the same and the version
numbers should match.  If the version number of the binary package has
a letter suffix, you will find a patch file installed in the "Src"
directory with the changes relative to the generic version.

The source is distributed as a BZIP2 or GZIP compressed tar archive.
See the instructions in file README on how to check the integrity of
that file.  Wir a properly setup build environment, you unpack the
tarball change to the created directory and run

 $ ./ --build-w32
 $ make
 $ cp g10/gpg*.exe  /some_windows_drive/

Building a version with the installer is a bit more complex and
basically works by creating a top directory, unpacking in that top
directory, switching to the gnupg-1.x.y directory, running
"./ --build-w32" and "make", switching back to the top
directory, running a "mkdir dist-w32; mkdir iconv", copying the
required iconv files (iconv.dll, README.iconv, COPYING.LIB) into the
iconv directory, running gnupg-1.x.y/scripts/mk-w32-dist and voila,
the installer package will be available in the dist-w32 directory.



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