Organizing groups of Keys

Aaron Berthold listen at
Wed Nov 24 14:46:21 CET 2010

On 2010-11-24 14:29, kardan wrote:
> Maybe the orphaned gpgkeys is of help.

Hmmm, while it's a nicely fast GUI, it doesn't really seem to do what i
need. (Or at least I haven't found out how. So far it seems like a
normal GPG frontend like GPA.

> You can specify the keyfile as option like for gpgv2:
> For using multiple keyfiles please read
> and

Oh, that's usefull, so I could specify two pubkey files and both would
be used normally at the same time? How does importing keys and other
operations interact here? Will they go into the "default" keyring, can I
specify what files it should go into, etc.

> Use scripts or write your own in your favourite language. There are
> libraries for perl, python and others.

I'm only just learning how to program, so that's out of my league so
far. (But defenitly something I plan to look into in the future.)

> please have a look at jetring and signing-party. wotsap could be
> interesting for you as well.

Installed wotsap and signing-party and will check them out. jetsap
sounds like it's a bit beyond what I need, as a full-fledged communal
editing/changeset system seems rather overkill for me alone.

Thanks a lot!


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