OpenPGP card and poldi-ctrl

Markus Krainz ldm at
Fri Nov 26 07:24:10 CET 2010


I want to do login with my OpenPGP card. So I am following some tutorial
on how to do this with Ubuntu (see [1]) but the howto seems outdated and
I get an error:

  poldi-ctrl: error: unknown option '--register-card'
  poldi-ctrl: error: parsing argument vector failed: Unknown option

So I thought maybe I have to build from source which I did from

  svn:// poldi-trunk

but this poldi-ctrl does not know the option "'--register-card" either.
So what I did was read the textinfo files and added my serial to
/etc/poldi/localdb/users. This did not help either. After a quick edit
of etc/pam.d/common-auth I still cannot authenticate.

I found very litte documentation and discussion regarding poldi on the
web and would be happy if someone could shed some light onto this issue.


[1], (German):

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