Encrypt Error - There is no assurance this key belongs to the named user

Thomas Chitwood tchitwoo at us.ibm.com
Tue Oct 5 20:16:28 CEST 2010

I am getting this error when trying to encrypt a file using a public key 
generated by PGP Desktop 10.0.2 (Build 13). I am using gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.5. 
I think the error is being caused by the validity setting for this key in 
my keyring which is "validity: unknown".

Two questions:

First, is there a way to set the validity parameter in the version of 
GnuPG I am using.

Second, are there any known incompatibilities between PGP Desktop 10.0.2 
(Build 13) and gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.5?

Thank You in advance for your assistance.

Tom Chitwood
Wellpoint Account
Information Technology Services Americas
Global Services, IBM
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