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Wed Oct 6 21:49:24 CEST 2010


Hello all


I am trying to automate gnupg and im really struggling with the batch file in trying to use, please could somebody help me?


for test purposes i have created a drop folder in the root of C:




i want to be able to drop any type of file in here with any file name, GPG to encrypt the file and place the encrypted version of that file in another location (for test purposes this is C:\encryptedfolder)


this is the command ive placed into a batch 


cd C:\program files (x86)\gnu\gnupg
gpg --batch --yes --output C:\encryptedfiles\*.gpg -e -u leeelcockstokey -r leeelcocksfromkey C:\outgoingdropfolder\*


What i need the automation to do is the following


for example


I drop the file lee.txt into drop folder, GPG then encrypts it and places into encrypted files folder called lee.txt.gpg


I have the batch running every minute on windows scheduler.


I want to drop any file into the drop folder and GPG to output the encyrpted file with the same name.


The file names will be different everytime.


Any help with this greatly appreciated


Lee Elcocks

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