Paranoid People's User Group?

Dan Cowsill danthehat at
Thu Oct 14 02:57:08 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

Almost-but-not-quite my first post to this list.  I am very interested
in encryption technologies, and PGP in particular.  Of course, this is
only a hobby and I don't have any trade secrets or international
intrigues to protect, so that leaves me at a bit of a disadvantage when
it comes to playing around with such a fascinating piece of technology.

After some googling, I decided this would be the best place to start. 
What I'm after is a mailing list or user group that exchanges encrypted
communications with each other.  Or, if no such mailing list exists, I
wonder if I might be able to pick up a pen-pal or two that wants to use
PGP to communicate.


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