Issues importing PGP9 key to GPG1.4.10 (through enigmail)

J. Ottosson j-001 at
Wed Oct 13 11:34:28 CEST 2010


I'm having some earlier unseen issues importing a key. I generated a RSA 4096 
key with AES as prefs in PGP9.

Key is successfully imported into GPG 2.0.14 using GPA (Latest GPG4WIN install).

In 2.0.14 it is shown with two self sigs using "gpg --list-sigs keyid", appears 
normal I think.

However, when trying to import the key onto a portable system with latest 
(today) versions of Tbird/enigmail (which seem to be version GPG 1.4.10) I get 
error messages stating that there are no valid User IDs and that this may be due 
to missing self signatures.

It seems the key is imported though. Am I forgetting some incompatibility issue 
here? Isn't this GPG version able to see the signatures?

(After this I'm actually starting having a number of other issues with 
Tbird/Enigmail (not chosing correct key for signing etc), but that may be due to 
the upgrade itself somehow and not GPG so I'll that out).


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