Paranoid People's User Group?

Ben McGinnes ben at
Sat Oct 16 02:07:20 CEST 2010

On 15/10/10 9:11 AM, MFPA wrote:
>> El 14-10-2010 16:58, Remco Rijnders escribió: ...
>>> I guess it would just have been nice if there was an email address you can
>>> send a sign up message to, confirm your email address, and be part of the
>>> group, similar to how mailing lists like this one work, without requiring
>>> people to jump through any extra hoops they have no interest in.
>>   Yes, but that's how yahoo groups work, and we don't
>> have our own server to setup a mailing list...
> I've always thought it odd that they have an "unsubscribe" address but
> not one to subscribe...

They do have a subscription email address (same format as the
unsubscribe address only sans the "un").  They just encourage a web
account and many features (like group file access) require it, so they
want every email address linked to an account.

YahooGroups were originally just ordinary mailing list servers (Listserv
I think, but I can't be bothered double-checking).  When Yahoo were
really pushing them hard, they were trying to provide features beyond
those of "ordinary" mailing lists.  This would have been around nine or
ten years ago.


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