generating X.509 certificates using gnupg

Paul Richard Ramer free10pro at
Wed Sep 8 09:50:06 CEST 2010

On Tue, 7 Sep 2010 13:56:08 +0530 (IST), Alex Smily wrote:
> please dont mind if this forum in not the correct one to ask...i have
> installed gnupg on windows... gpg ,gpg2 ,gpgsm are working fine.
> is it possible to generate x.509 certificates using gnupg? if s
> please help me.

This is the right mailing list.  You can generate a certificate signing
request with gpgsm, e.g. gpgsm --output certificate.csr --gen-key.  If
you are looking to do more than that, you may wish to use OpenSSL
instead.  And if this doesn't fully answer your question, or you have
more questions, post back--this mailing list is friendly to newcomers.


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