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Thu Sep 16 18:20:08 CEST 2010


I have been using GPG for a while now and have not run into this before. I
get a pgp file from a client, when i put in my passpharse it comes up with
this error

gpg: error creating `/Inet/PGP/filename.daily': No such file or directory
gpg: handle plaintext failed: No such file or directory
gpg: mdc_packet with invalid encoding
gpg: decryption failed: Invalid packet
File: C:\Users\username\Desktop\filename.daily.pgp
Time: 9/16/2010 11:14:56 AM (9/16/2010 4:14:56 PM UTC)

I can open the file fine with the PGP program. I dont see in GPG where I can
set the default export directory it always before just put it in the root
directory where the file is.
I have tried creating the folder inet and pgp on the desktop but that still
didnt put the file in it. I get the same error.
I am using GPGshell for Windows v3.76

Any help would be great.
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